Investments in real estate

Brasif has a significant, diversified portfolio of real estate assets. These include assets for commercial rental in Brazil and the United States, in high-value regions leased to large companies, as well as investments in real estate development and in the hotel business. The company has been a partner in numerous high-end residential and commercial real estate development projects in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Brasília – all fully sold and delivered.

Alphaville Brasília

Brasif owns 50% of this project, launched in partnership with Alphaville Urbanismo, covering 23 million m² (2,300 hectares) at a privileged location in Brazil’s capital, Brasília. When all the phases have been launched the project will create an up-to-date and high end urban complex for a city with a population of up to 200,000, including residential, commercial, leisure and education areas.

Avanti Resort

Brasif holds a 95% stake in Avanti Resort, on International Drive in Orlando, Florida, managed in partnership with a reputed hotel operator.

Brasif has prospected and acquired the property, as well as developed the architectural concept and project, renewed the hotel structure, and redesigned its service model. This has resulted in high occupancy rate and increased average daily rates at the hotel since its inauguration, in 2013. The Avanti resort has 656 hotel rooms, with expansion in progress for a further 357, as well as service and entertainment areas.

Commercial offices

In Brazil, Brasif has a vast portfolio of leased real estate properties in numerous cities. In Rio de Janeiro, it has outstanding buildings in the district of Leblon and in the city center, with top-class location and architecture. It has multi-floor office properties and industrial real estate assets in the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Espírito Santo.

In the US, Brasif owns an 85% interest in four commercial buildings in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, with private area of 27 thousand m² (290 thousand ft2) and more than 1,000 parking places – entirely leased to large multinational companies.

Brasif’s significant land bank – in locations with high potential value for future real estate development – will further increase its scope and activity in the sector.