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Loungerie is a lingerie and accessories retailer founded in 2009, when Brasif identified a market opportunity. Its goal is to become the market leader in premium lingerie retail in Brazil.

The concept is a one-stop-shop focused on feminine self-esteem – offering a wide range of products, sizes and models with high quality and accessible prices – while also introducing a number of innovations in the Brazilian lingerie market. These include:

– A unique shopping experience due to: its store architecture, store size, products variety and presentation, premium locations and assisted service.
– The ‘perfect bra’ concept – with different cup sizes for every bra model (a new concept in Brazil) – offering a broad range of products that perfectly fits any customer.
– Exclusive sales of leading international brands: DKNY, Spanx, Wacoal, Hanky Panky and Fashion Forms.
– Fast-fashion concept, developing products that follow the latest fashion trends and bringing new models into the stores on a weekly basis.

Currently with more than 30 stores, in four of Brazil’s five regions, Loungerie has become a commercial success – with store productivity indicators significantly above the industry average.

Supported by its brand equity, operational efficiency and solid management structure, Loungerie is expanding fast – aiming to quickly achieve 100 owned and franchised stores in Brazil, as wells as a significant growth in its online operation.